A/B testing is dead

Lifecycle marketers use OfferFit’s AI testing to make the best 1:1 decision for each customer.

A/B testing is dead

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A/B testing is dead

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Manual testing is slow and impersonal
A/B testing takes too long, and can only find the "winner" for broad segments.
OfferFit replaces manual A/B testing with AI testing
Using reinforcement learning, AI testing agents learn autonomously through trial and error.
AI testing is fast
Automatically and concurrently test all your ideas for message, product, incentive, channel, and timing.
AI testing personalizes 1:1
Ditch segments. Instead, make decisions based on all your first-party data.



"What OfferFit gave us was the ability to take all of our test and learn and campaign automation and to put it on steroids."

Julian Ogrin, CEO, Kayo Sports & BINGE

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We are seeing 30% of additional conversion value. OfferFit has proven to provide millions of dollars in customer lifetime value.

Mauricio Romero, Sr. Director Advanced Analytics

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"As a CEO I can’t live with black box marketing. I need to actually measure impact. OfferFit allows us to do that, really really quickly."

William Niles, CEO

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OfferFit increased electric contracts sold by 29%, but just as importantly it demonstrated the massive impact AI can have across our business.

Travis Arnce, Director of Portfolio & Analytics

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"What used to take us months of A/B testing is now possible in a matter of days. That means we're making quick, informed decisions about what our customers want."

Julie Liesse

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“In the fall of 2020, working with OfferFit, an AI start-up, the company tested thousands of combinations of messages and offers, varying the creative content, channel, and delivery times.”

David C. Edelman & Mark Abraham

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"When you’re running a full experimentation program, it’s never enough to run one A/B test. Those who are doing this hands-on realize it just becomes a rapid explosion in the number of tests they need – it becomes infeasible."

Corey Patterson

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"Capital One Ventures, the VC arm of the credit card and banking merchant, committed an investment following its success using OfferFit to automate sending personalized mass marketing messages about its financial services products to customers."

Carl Franzen

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"Technological innovation in personalization has matured from manual A/B tests that require significant oversight to machine learning models that automate and individualize each customer's journey."

Gary Drenik

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